Virtual Support and Resources for Students

In light of the broader public health crisis, the faculty, staff, and administration at SDSU are striving to provide continued access to all academic courses and student services through a virtual environment. This website serves as a central clearinghouse to help our students transition to, and thrive within, our new virtual environment. Please click on any of the topics above (or via the Menu icon in the upper-right if on a mobile device) to learn more. Please check this site periodically as information is added and updated.

If you have limited access to the SDSU virtual environment because of economic conditions, then please go to the Economic Crisis Response Team website, click the “Click Here to Request Assistance” button, and provide your details in the “Other” category.

In addition to the various resources available through the boxes below, please note the following time-sensitive opportunities regarding grading basis and course withdrawals:

Petition to Change in Grading Basis (Letter Grade to Credit/No-Credit) for the Spring 2020 semester
Please note changes in this process from previous semesters.
Deadline to submit above electronic petition is 7:59 pm PDT on May 1, 2020

Petition to Withdraw from One or More Courses for the Spring 2020 semester
Please note changes in this process from previous semesters.
Deadline to submit above electronic petition is 7:59 pm PDT on May 7, 2020

In addition, retroactive withdrawals for either one course or all courses for the Spring 2020 semester will be allowed after May 22, 2020. Please check the registrar’s website later this semester for additional details.

Please note the following regarding the above options for grading and enrollment:

  • Making a decision: Students should consult with the Assistant Deans and other relevant faculty and staff for their college in making any decisions regarding changes in grading basis or withdrawals.
  • Transcripts: All SDSU transcripts will have a brief statement noting that the Spring 2020 semester coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Academic Probation and Disqualification: No students will go on Academic Probation as a result of this semester. If you are on Academic Probation, then this semester will not count as one of your three allowable semesters nor will this semester count if you would otherwise be disqualified.
  • Financial Aid: Some of these grading decisions may have an  impact on your financial aid. Please see information on the respective sites above and consult the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for assistance.

All advising is now through non-face-to-face methods such as phone, email, and Zoom. Learn the latest about advising at the college and university levels.

Academic Software, Accessing SDSU Resources and the Internet, and Technical Support for Students.

Online tutoring through the Writing Center and Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center, research assistance through Library and Information Access, and more.

Academic Withdrawals, Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities, Declaration of Change of Major or Minor, Office of the Student Ombudsman, Requests for Adjustment of Academic Requirements (RAARs), and Student Ability Success Center.

Access to electronic textbooks through Redshelf, VitalSource, Cengage, and other digital eBooks.

Making the Most of Your Virtual Learning Environment and Virtual Course Support.

Virtual Resources for your health and well-being.

Virtual resources to support your co-curricular engagement.